When I created this blog did not have a clear content proposal, the idea was to write free of editorial rules, without any specific criteria. One of the first names was “bubbly Mind”, I thought cool, but was not exactly a name that would define the blog’s proposition. One of the issues that most here were intended to address here is social media, and then I remembered that cyberspace is an environment totally entropic, I looked at my desk, saw the reigning mess and I remembered an article I read, that the natural state of all is chaos, observe your table now and tell me if she is tidy?

This fantastic environment that is cyberspace, is chaotic, a shower of information noise for some, a source of information for many, many chaotic to organized or organizing to others. Soon there could be no better name for the blog, and there was born the Entropy! With exclamation to indicate the intensity of it, a name that sums up everything: Cyberspace, the proposed multidisciplinary blog, and how ideas and information are processed in our heads.

As could be expected, a bit of theory, information entropy, a theory developed in 1948 by Claude E. Shannon, where it is a mathematical model to define the boundary between the volume of information and understanding thereof, or in other words, the boundary between the volume of information and noise. I think that on Shannon equation, we need to add new variables nowadays, anyway in 1948 there was no internet,  aggregators, and other tools that circumvent this informational limitation, include the fact  the young (digital natives)  have a greater capacity to absorb and process information from disparate sources simultaneously.



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